The World of SBIRT

What the heck is spirt?



Image: Wikimedia Commons

What is this S-B-I-R-T? Why do you keep using it like I’m supposed to know what it means?

We hate to admit it, but it’s our tendency to throw around a lot of…jargon. Okay, it’s true. SAMHSA this, NAADAC that. CBT, MAT, ATTC. ROSC, which of course we pronounce rosk. NIAAA, which those of us in the know call N-I Triple A. Obviously.

Of course, there are people concerned with substance use and addiction that aren’t breathing this lingo every day. Rather, they’re curiously googling and Youtube-ing.  Talking to friends, family, trusted healthcare providers.  Maybe they’re even getting information from their clients or students.

IRETA works to offer accurate information about substance use and substance use disorders and we know that the information hardly matters if it doesn’t make sense to you.  When we say, “SBIRT is a public health response to unhealthy substance use and related harms” and you say…

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