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The SBIRT Alert 1/8/2015


An occasional email update from the National SBIRT ATTC

Upcoming Face-to-Face Training

Motivational Interviewing Trainings
January & February in western PA
Introductory and advanced training in MI techniques led by a member of the MINT network. Read more
SBIRT for Alcohol and Drug Use: An Interprofessional Conference
June 9-10, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA
This innovative event will incorporate the use of Standardized Patients to bridge the gap between lectures and practical application. Read more
Online Learning
Two online courses are open to all
Introduction to SBIRT for Adolescents and SBIRT 101are free self-paced courses open to anyone. CEUs are available. Read more
Join our SBIRT for Youth Learning Community
In a series of free webinars in 2015, this learning community will focus on the process of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment as it is being implemented for youth. Read more

Of Interest

List of international drinking guidelines
Where does the U.S fall compared to the rest of the world regarding low-risk drinking limits? Somewhere in the middle. That’s according to this list of guidelines around the world. Read more
SBIRT as a response to overdose
An NBC News article points out that “heroin addicts need more than an overdose antidote.” It’s good to see mainstream news coverage of SBIRT in conjunction with naloxone as a public health response to the overdose epidemic. Read more
SBIRT in a federally-funded program for youth
Through a grant by the Conrad Hilton Foundation, YouthBuild USA is using SBIRT to recognize and address substance use among its participants. YouthBuild helps young adults work toward high school equivalency degrees while learning job skills. The use of SBIRT within YouthBuild is the result of collaboration between SAMHSA and the Department of Labor. Read more
Six people, mostly men, die per day of alcohol poisoning
New data from the CDC show that extremely risky alcohol use is not at all restricted to young adults; it’s common among people in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. Of the alcohol poisoning deaths that occurred between 2010 and 2012, “about 76% were men and nearly 77% were ages 35 to 64. Just 5% were ages 15 to 24.”  Read more
Apply for SAMHSA PCBHI grants
The Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration program at SAMHSA provides support to communities to coordinate and integrate primary care services into publicly funded, community-based behavioral health settings. Applications for a new round of grantees are due Feb. 27. Read more

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