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Drugs are a Local Phenomenon for LGBTQ Populations: Implications for SBIRT

92f7b4a5ed41415ae67c6892f4a4bda1Upcoming Webinar
Drugs are a Local Phenomenon for LGBTQ Populations: Implications for SBIRT
July 22, 2015  3:00 – 4:30 PM Eastern


Overview: The 2011 Institute of Medicine report titled “The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People” argues persuasively that there is a need for more attention to these subpopulations from clinical, research and policy perspectives.

With that in mind, webinar attendees will:

  • Appreciate the social geography of substance use for LGBTQ populations
  • Understand the ways that substance use relates to broader health disparities
  • Consider the ways that local contextual knowledge can improve SBIRT implementation

Background: Studies indicate that, when compared with the general population, LGBT people are more likely to use alcohol and drugs, have higher rates of substance abuse, are less likely to abstain from use, and are more likely to continue heavy drinking into later life (SAMHSA, 2012).

But those are national-level data. How does this look at the local level? How do local patterns of use impact our approach to SBIRT?



Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County SBIRT Page


The Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County website offers many resources for adults, youth, parents, community leaders and those looking to get involved in the fight for a Drug Free Nevada County. The website also offers news regarding drug and alcohol use in the Nevada County that can be applied to your perspective location. Under the Initiatives link, you can find community-wide preventive movements that the County of Nevada has been practicing in order to reduce substance abuse amongst its youth. These initiatives can be helpful for those of you looking to create change in your communities. Another great feature of the website are the resources offered to parents to help them identify signs and symptoms of drug use amongst adolescents or those who are working with youth who are dealing with substance abuse problems. In addition to the materials available for youth and parents, the website offers materials for employers to help them promote and maintain a drug-free workplace.

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