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Free Webinar next week — Reimbursement for SBIRT in Outpatient, Emergency Departments and Hospitals

Free Webinar next week — Reimbursement for SBIRT in Outpatient, Emergency Departments and Hospitals

The SBIRT Hospital Joint Committee Call scheduled for April 16th will take place online. This online meeting is intended for the Systems and Operations Committee, Clinical Improvement Committee, and Evaluation/Research Committee.  Quickly register to receive a link to join the meeting.  

Joseph Hurley, the Revenue Cycle Manager from Oregon Health and Sciences Family Medicine, will address practical steps for getting paid for SBIRT in hospitals, emergency departments and outpatient practices.  This webinar will discuss how to better integrating SBIRT into your EHR and billing system, making it easy for your clinicians to do well while doing good.  

Topics include:
• How SBIRT is imbedded and operates within hospital systems
• Business and billing practices to maintain successful SBIRT integration
• Use of electronic records integration to secure billing efficiency/training
• How billing practices and workflows can be implemented

Length: 1.5 hours – presentation at the beginning, discussion facilitated by Eric Goplerud will follow


Emergency Nurses Association SBIRT Alcohol Screening Toolkit


This training curriculum has online and print-based materials that can be used for self-study and group instruction. The website includes informational slides on SBIRT, recommendations for SBIRT implementation, and a review of insurance laws/reimbursement. The curriculum includes a training manual, 3 video demonstrations with adult patients, 3 role-play scenarios, an SBIRT marketing video/commercial (all available on DVD), and a variety of handouts for providers and patients. The target audience for this curriculum is emergency and trauma nurses and other emergency health care professionals. The curriculum highlights several alcohol screening instruments, including the NIAAA 3-questions, AUDIT, RAPS4, and the CAGE. However, ENA recommends use of the NIAAA 3-questions and the CAGE for use in emergency departments. ENA also provides a no-cost series of five, one-hour web seminars that guide emergency department staff through the step-by-step implementation process.

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