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Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County SBIRT Page


The Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County website offers many resources for adults, youth, parents, community leaders and those looking to get involved in the fight for a Drug Free Nevada County. The website also offers news regarding drug and alcohol use in the Nevada County that can be applied to your perspective location. Under the Initiatives link, you can find community-wide preventive movements that the County of Nevada has been practicing in order to reduce substance abuse amongst its youth. These initiatives can be helpful for those of you looking to create change in your communities. Another great feature of the website are the resources offered to parents to help them identify signs and symptoms of drug use amongst adolescents or those who are working with youth who are dealing with substance abuse problems. In addition to the materials available for youth and parents, the website offers materials for employers to help them promote and maintain a drug-free workplace.


Boston University School of Public Health / The BNI ART Institute


This training curriculum has online and print-based materials that can be used for self-study and group instruction. The website includes informational PowerPoints on SBIRT, demonstration videos with adult and adolescent patients, printable scoring sheets for adults and youth, and role play scenarios for one-on-on practice. The target audience for this curriculum includes healthcare practitioners, e.g., emergency department (ED) physicians, as well as social workers, community health educators, school nurses, and treatment center staff. The curriculum highlights alcohol and drug screening instruments, including the AUDIT, CRAFFT, CAGE, and TWEAK.

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